1000and1realities at MaMOE14 Baltrum, Germany

Documentary of the work done by the transnational 1000and1realities Team during the project “Music and Media for an Open Europe” (MaMOE14) on Northsea island Baltrum.

1000and1realities at MaMOE14

1000and1realitiesBaltrum_01 1000and1realitiesBaltrum_02

With Lorenzo Ciacciavicca, Zahra Ghadimian, Federica Fagiolini, Marco Rocchi, Mahnaz Motazedi, Lulu O. and Marta Zamparelli

Filmed by Jesús Pousada Cenizo, Victoria Coronado Simsic and Lorenzo Ciacciavicca

Translation from Farsi by Mehregan Behrouz

Audio Editing by Lajo Mounkassa

Special Thanks to Léo Terreros

Music and Media for an Open Europe 2014 (#MaMOE14) is a ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e.V. project in co-operation with partners from the international ROOTS & ROUTES network: S.Mou.Th. Larissa, RiF Lille, RiO Barcelona, Stichting ROOTS & ROUTES Rotterdam, CYE018 Nis, Brouhaha International Liverpool and Associazione Fabbrica Europa Florence.

MaMOE14 is funded by the EU programme ERASMUS+ (youth chapter).

Project team: Conny Beißler, Jimi Renfro, Johannes J-JD da-Costa, Lajo Mounkassa, Sina Schindler, Janna Hadler, Aileen Wessely and Sascha Düx.

With friendly support by Evangelische Schüler_innenarbeit im Rheinland e.V. (ESR), SKM Köln, Lucky’s Haus Köln, Medienzentrale des Erzbistums Köln, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld and Motoki-Kollektiv Köln.

Special thanks to:
Florian Mimm, Ralf Krep, Margret Hees, Dana Charles Klang, Hannes Hüfken, Ed Motta, Valéria Macedo, Gabriel Riquelme, Torge Draeger, Ulrike Stark, Kurt Stark, Inge Weßler, Rainer Gertzen, Andreas Kern, Salvatore Chianta, Oliver Quandt, Christian Swoboda, Claudia Düx, Joachim Steinigeweg, Tobias Königsfeld, Simon Düx, all participants,
coaches and all members of ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e.V.

(c) 2014 by ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e.V., 1000and1realities, the international ROOTS & ROUTES network and all artists involved


12/5/2014 – 23/5/2014 The Workshop CONNECT took place in Florence, at Sonoria in collaboration with Scuola Internazionale di Comics di Firenze. It was a wonderful experience, while debating about animation and its connections to arts and society we animated a big part of our first short: “Flying Istanbul”.

6/2/2014 The film goes into full production workflow in Barcelona with the help of LuLu O. and Ruben Quasi.

21/10/2013 A first look on the trailer of Flying Istanbul, the first film under development!

15/10/2013 The workshops with children in Istanbul, Nicosia and Najaf took place already, for more informations about them check the dedicated pages clicking on the country-islands!

23/8/2013 The production starts!


1000 and 1 realities” is a visual art project based on animated films addressed to children, young people and adults. It aims to listen to the inside voice of different cultural communities and spread it through the world.

The project will be based on the creation of three animated short films inspired by children drawings, which will represent the realities of Najaf in Iraq, Istanbul in Turkey and Nicosia in Cyprus. We borrow the children’s vision of the world and bring that vision back to the children in other countries.

The everyday life entertaining stories will provoke an interest in the neighbouring cultures often represented by the medias only through political and economical events. Seeing through children eyes may strength a peaceful acceptance of the cultural diversity, willing of the multicultural dialogue, mutual respect and coexistence of the different cultural and social realities of the world.

The project will be realized through a series of specific actions. At first, we will dynamize three workshops, which will be held in the three cities in order to collect a vision of their societies through simple drawings from a group of children aged between six and ten. Afterwards, our team will create the three animated films. Starting from the analysis of the drawings we will get inspiration to make the films; taking under consideration the things the children draw and the places they would like to tell. When the films will be ready, we are going to screen them in all the countries involved in the project: Iraq, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Cyprus.