Istanbul – Turkey

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We would like to tell you the story of our action in Istanbul. It was a very nice experience, all the people involved in the project helped us a lot and the children were really amazing! We started by reaching the city of Istanbul the 25th of April 2013, late in the night. On the 26th we gathered with some of our team; Ayşe Taşpınar (Turkey) and Laith S. Mutawaq (Iraq) – to start preparing for next day. We organized the workshop that we had already planned for the next day at TEGV, an Education Park located in the Fatih Neighbouroud of Istanbul.

On the 27th of April, we arrived at 13:00 o’clock at TEGV, where we immediately met the children that were going to participate to the workshop. We prepared the projector to show a short example of an animation we made, in order to involve them in what we were going to do next. Afterwards we started explaining the principles of animation and what our project was about… A lot of questions! The kids were really curious on how animation works.

We divided the workshop in two parts. In the first two hours part we asked them some questions that they had to randomly pick from a small box. The questions were about things that they knew; their city, the music they like, the food, their families. We asked them to draw their answers. Everyone started drawing with enthusiasm, even if not everybody was happy about his question and they wanted to change it! After this initial part we had a break; everybody had its own sandwich and juice, then there was a little football match coordinated by Laith where the children could put some other energy in.


In the second part, which also was two hours long, we unrolled a very long piece of paper and we asked them to draw all together the city, without needing to be precise as a map but at least trying to work all together and collaborate on what they were doing; “Animation is a work based on collaboration, we need to learn how to work together to achieve a better result”!

It was a really wonderful experience and we really want to thank all our friends that helped us on the spot: Ayça K Güralp (MasterPeace Turkey), Sema Koray (TEGV), Tijen Togay (Goethe Institut), Gozde Sodacı and Şehnaz Güneri (CIN). We would also like to especially thank Ayşe Taşpınar who made it happen and gave us a great welcome in town. The last day we explored Istanbul even more, taking care of visiting the places that the children suggested in their drawings, it was really nice and a lot of inspiration came from different corners of the city. We left the next day and came back to Italy with a wonderful experience and memories to start working on the film!


Other than the video, we are glad to share with you some photo-documentation about the workshop. Enjoy the photos!

1000and1realities Team