1000 and 1 realities” is a visual art project based on animated films addressed to children, young people and adults. It aims to listen to the inside voice of different cultural communities and spread it through the world.

The project will be based on the creation of three animated short films inspired by children drawings, which will represent the realities of Najaf in Iraq, Istanbul in Turkey and Nicosia in Cyprus. We borrow the children’s vision of the world and bring that vision back to the children in other countries.

The everyday life entertaining stories will provoke an interest in the neighbouring cultures often represented by the medias only through political and economical events. Seeing through children eyes may strength a peaceful acceptance of the cultural diversity, willing of the multicultural dialogue, mutual respect and coexistence of the different cultural and social realities of the world.

The project will be realized through a series of specific actions. At first, we will dynamize three workshops, which will be held in the three cities in order to collect a vision of their societies through simple drawings from a group of children aged between six and ten. Afterwards, our team will create the three animated films. Starting from the analysis of the drawings we will get inspiration to make the films; taking under consideration the things the children draw and the places they would like to tell. When the films will be ready, we are going to screen them in all the countries involved in the project: Iraq, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Cyprus.